Facts About Staphylococcus

Staphylococcus is the most common infection in Nigeria,just like how HIV is the most common infection in South Africa., Staph infection spreads easily in different ways and not just through sexual intercourse, Staphylococcus is a bacterial and can spread through any means..

      ways  to contract staph infection

staph bacterial

1.Through sexual intercourse.                  2.Through the toilet.                                      3.sharing a bed spread with a person having it,staph bacteria can survive almost any where.    4.A long time bacterial in the body can lead to staph infection..


1.Boils: A pocket of pus that develops in a hair follicile or oil gland.the infected areas  becomes red and swollen,sometimes painful,this boils appears mostly under the armpit and private part

2.Rashes: Rashes is one of the common symptoms of staph,it appears mostly in the private part,but in most cases it appears all over the body ,and when it itches ,you feel sweet sensations while at it.

3.Worm like movement in the body: This symptoms mostly occurs with patients having staph Aureus,  at this stage the person might be having moderate or heavy growth of staph aureus and Ecoli..

4.Internal Heat: This causes the hotness inside the body, some do sweat alot while it occurs ,while some dosnt,but makes them feel uncomfortable,this symptoms in a pregnant woman can lead to miscarriage in her early stage,..

5.body or waist pains: Body or joint pains occurs during the middle stage of being infected.,though not all experience it.it also affects the joints as well,at this stage you should know it has gotten serious….

     Staph infection can cause infertility for both men and women, in men it causes low sperm count,erectile dysfunction and watery semen..  and in women it causes sperm leakage after intercourse,menstrual disorders and lack of ovulation..

Staph is a stubborn infection,antibiotics hardly work for it this days and that why people are turning to herbs for solution, one mistake people make is when they finally get a drugs or herbs that works for them after a long search,they dont continue treatment cause they believe only the first treatment should do the trick,

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