Facts About Masturbation

  • Masturbation has been the cause of most men sexual problems for many years now,.before i continue let me briefly explain what masturbation is for some of us who doesn’t understand it….
  • Masturbation is an act in which a man uses his hand to rub his manhood for sexual sensations or fun,,that is another way of having sex without a partner,cause you still fill the same sensation u normally fill while having sex with your partner,but this time in a relaxed way..
  • some men can masturbate for Africa,and some are addicted to it right from child hood,since they don’t have access to sex then,.masturbation doesn’t just come with fun,it also comes with side effects which are
  • weak erection
  • quick ejaculation
  • small joystick
  • low libido

Masturbation makes u lose your man power,weaken your erection,cut short your ejaculation period,and shrink your manhood making it smaller than before,approximately destroying your sex organ,…

The damage has already been done,stopping masturbation alone wont take your sexual problems away,. and getting the cure alone without stopping masturbation wont take it away either,not that u wont be cured but the problems of weak erection and quick ejaculation will come back again within some months,because you still masturbates…
What you need to do is to get the cure for your sexual problems and reduce or stop masturbating at the same time,that way you get rid of your sexual problems permanently…

Male masturbation in other species

Male masturbation is by no means unique to humans. It has been recorded for many mammals, ranging from bats to whales, both captive and wild-living. But masturbation is particularly common among male nonhuman primates, especially monkeys and apes. Discounting claims that masturbation is an aberrant behavior limited to caged primates, multiple reports stem from free-ranging populations. I often observed free-ranging male Barbary macaques on Gibraltar quietly sitting and masturbating. This was strikingly casual, provoking no overt response from other group members.

A monkey spot masturbating

 Avoid the thinking or imagination that get you aroused when alone.
Do away with pornography[porn] or any pictures or videos that has to do with porn.
Avoid staying alone always,

Though it wont be easy,but it will if you put your mind to it,
u can stop it all at once,it a gradual process…
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