Difference Between Quick Ejaculation And Weak erection And Their Causes..

I noticed today that most people believes that quick Ejaculation And Weak erection are the same problems,…that very wrong,though the both work together, but they are two different things..

let me briefly differentiate them bellow

What is weak erection? ‍‍ weak erection occurs in different ways, 
1.When a man loses erection during penetration without ejaculation,that  showes the man is having  weak erection,and that is if it happens almost all the time.
2.When a man finds it hard to get an erection for penetration or losses erection before penetration is weak erection
3.When a man finds it hard to go for second rounds after 45 mins to 1hour  of resting is having a weak erection and a low libido.
4.A man that dont get strong erection every morning after waking up is having a weak erection
5.A man with weak erection even if he can penetrate with it doesn’t rely enjoy sex the way he should,he misses out some of the sensations he could get from sexual pleasures.

This is when a man ejaculates lesser than the time he wishes to cum,or ejaculates less than the normal time a man should last, and that is at least 15 to 20 minutes from your first round,and more on your second and others.
,and after they finish a round,they will be breathing like person that just finish liftting 10 bag of cement,and sweat will start flowing from their body like Christmas’s goat.,some even ejaculates immediately penetration starts i,and some before penetration

This two problems have been giving men hard time in their marriage this days,especially in their marriage,

Most women cant withstand the fact that their husband is not sexually fit,cause it also affecting them as well,as we all know body no be fire wood,especially if your wife has high libido,if you don’t satisfy your wife sexually another man will do it for you..


MASTURBATION>>masturbation shortens your ejaculation periods,weaken your erection with time,plus shrink your manhood making it reduce in size,approximately destroying your sex organ. so it not good for your health..
in women it decreases their urge to have real sex ..

Drugs medications,>>drugs for high blood pressure causes weak erection and premature ejaculation for a man

Stress>>stress can causes a man to find it hard to get an erection or ejaculates quick,

Too much sugar or beer>>there re lots of sugar a bottle of beer,for a man to consume much of it causes him to be a weakling in bed,but the night he takes it,he will perform well but without it he cant without it.

Infection>>a man with any kinda infection loses his erection and his ejaculating time will also be limited,so no matter how they treat erection or ejaculation without treating the infection first,which is the cause of it,it wont go away permanently,it will always come back.

Smoking> Normally smoking is not good for the health,one of the side effects is destroying your sexual capability

A diabetic patient can also experience this as well …

There re many more causes,but this are more common,
that all for today,

drop your comment if you have any question at all

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