Home Herbal Remedies for Common Health Problems You Dont Want To Miss

Cough is common among people today,it occurs in different ways and some comes with cold ,Dates is the best remedy for it,Hausa calls it Debino,but in most cases ginger and biter cola is mostly recommended.


Efirin in yoruba

Ulcer can be treated also with unripe plantains and pawpaw seeds as well,but in most cases using Basil is best.. cause it also has other health benefits as well.

Drinking pomegranate juice helps regulate blood pressure ,same thing applies to sand paper leaves as well,wash and blend sand paper leaves then extract the juice and drink half cup daily,you will b surprised with the result you will get before a month of using it,it another remedy you can use if you cant find this fruit

for acne,funegreek  powder can also do the magic


mixing ginger garlic and bitter cola in water for one week can also help and prevent bacterial infections as well


Not just the juice alone is helpful, booth the seed and the green bark has powerful health benefits if chewed properly/

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herbal remedy for staph infection