Burn Body and Belly Fat In One Week


Being fat and out of shape is disturbing and scary for some people,cause it gives them lots of discomfort and make them lose some opportunities, so the best way taking care of this is burning cholesterol…..


There are different remedies for burning fat,ill just go straight to the point and hit the nail on the head, some people are having problems with belly fat only ,body shape is on but pot belly is the main problems, both in male and female, belly fat is a risk factor of diabetes ,heart diseases and cancer, most especially males, let me start with the causes of belly fat since that the most common obesity problems people face…

Causes Of Belly Fat In Male And Female

1.Taking too much sugar: foods with high sugar like cake ,sweet teas.
in a controlled 10-week study, overweight and obese people who consumed 25% of calories as fructose-sweetened beverages on a weight-maintaining diet experienced a decrease in insulin sensitivity and an increase in belly fat.
Frequently consuming foods and beverages high in sugar or high-fructose corn syrup may cause belly fat gain.

2:Alcohol: high alcohol intake may lead to inflammation, liver disease and other health problems 

Some studies have shown that alcohol suppresses fat burning and that excess calories from alcohol are partly stored as belly fat.though alcohol can have both healthful and harmful effects.

When consumed in moderate amounts, especially as red wine, it may lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes.but the most consumed alcohol in Nigeria today is beer,which has high sugar content and very harmful if taken excessively.
heavy alcohol consumption increases risk of several diseases and is linked to excess belly fat.

3.Inactivity:Inactivity may promote an increase in belly fat. Resistance and aerobic exercise may prevent abdominal fat regain after weight loss.

4.Low protein diets:Low protein intake may drive hunger and belly fat gain. It may also increase the hunger hormone neuropeptide Y. High protein 
diets make you feel full and satisfied, increase your metabolic rate and lead to a spontaneous reduction in calorie intake.

5.Fruit juice: fruit juice is a sugary beverage in disguise.Even unsweetened 100% fruit juice contains a lot of sugar.In fact, 8 oz (250 ml) of apple juice and cola each contain 24 grams of sugar. The same amount of grape juice packs a whopping 32 grams of sugar.so my brother if you take fruit or hand maid juice all the time and think you are enjoying live and having harmless fun cause it natural….hmmm you are calling trouble small small,no enjoyment is harmless unless it measured.

6.Lack of exercise: im not asking you to to run or jug for miles ,most people find it hard to trek from their house to the bus top to board a bus every time they go out,they dont do any activities at all,especially  for some one who is already fat,some will trek from here to there and start breathing like some one who just finished loading some bags of cement into a truck,even a pregnant woman can do better than that. dont be lazy and engage yourself in some activities cause the more you sweat  the more cholesterol you burn,which will make any herbs or drugs you use works perfectly

now down to business, will least two home remedies on how to burn belly or body fat in a week,in most people it takes more than that depending on how fat you are.

Herbal Remedies To Reduce Belly Fat

  1. Get ginger,cucumber, lemon, and aloe vera, was your cucumber thoroughly  and slice to pieces,then put in your blender and blend without water or little water,then extract the juice with a net filter and keep in a keg,then peal off the bark of ginger then slice to pieces and use the cucumber juice  to blend,then extract the juice after blending then add the lemon juice as well and pour mixture into a bottle or keg depending on the quantity you prepared,then take a cup morning and night ,keep any left over in freezer or fridge. as you drink use aloevera gel  you to rub your stomach in clockwise direction for about 5 mins, but wash belly with warm water before applying.




aloe vera

2.get corn silk,(irukere agado in yorua)  and lime and ginger,get plentiful corn silk and put in cooking pot, slice ginger in and also extract lots of lime juice,then boil with 150cl of water,take half cup morning and night on empty stomach..

lime(osan wewe)
irukere agado(corn silk)

3. This is for women who just put to birth: get local ogogoro and mix with lime juice ,take a shot daily morning and night on empty stomach,take hot yam soup as well

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