Learn To Prepare Herbal Solution For Sperm Leakage From The Virgina After Intercourse

Sperm leakage also known as Eda in yoruba language has been the source of infertility for many women today,some women experience sperm leakage immediately after sex,while some experience it some hours after or the following day.. For those of us that dose not know what sperm leakage is,sperm leakage is when  semen released(ejaculation) from your partner comes back out  immediately after sex or some hours after. Not all sperm leakage are bad,some occur due to excessive semen released from your partner,hotness of the uterus; abortion; fibroid and gravity as causative factors of sperm leakage, thereby delaying conception, “if the potential of hydrogen (PH) level of the uterus is too acidic, the sperm will not be able to stay alive. Excessive sperm leakage can also be caused by infections as well,most  women with sperm leakage can still get pregnant ,so dont get me wrong,..

Herbal Solution

Iyan ewu, atare, ipeta. Get the three items dry iyan ewu and ipeta. Grind all to powder. Take half teaspoon twice daily Then to wash your V.Jay,Get  osun, oje igi lapalapa mix together with black soap. Wash your below with this three times daily, in addition to the first formula, drop comments if you have question