A Leaf That Cures HBP And Other Sickness


English name – Sand paper tree
Igbo name- asesa,
Yoruba name – Ewe Ipin
Hausa- baure

CONTAINS: Tannins.

1. HYPERTENSION: Squeeze the fresh leaves in water (like bitter leaf). Drink a glassful thrice a day. best way to extract juice is to blend with blender and extract juice by filtering with net filter.

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2. GONORRHOEA/ENLARGED SPLEEN: Fill a medium sized pot with the bark. Add water to fill the pot. Bring to boil. The dosage is 1/2 (half) a glass thrice daily for two weeks.

3. URINARY TRACT INFECTION: Boil the root in water and take 1/2 a glass twice daily.

4. ANTI-HYPERTENSION: The dried powdered leave is an excellent ANTI-HYPERTENSION drug. Add a teaspoon to a glass of boiling water and take two cups daily.

NOTE: Pregnant women must not take this herb.

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sand paper leaves