Permanent Solution To Arthritis And Waist Pains

cida acute leaves

Arthritis is a very common ailment disturbing both men and women today,including body or waist pains,many has tried looking for solutions to it but no way. but not to worry a natural way to get rid of this problem has been discovered .straight to the point….. on how to prepare

what to get and how to prepare

RECIPES… Get Cida acuta leaves known as broom weed and the root , wash it very well, And slice six balls of lemon orange . Just add water and boil. One small tumbler morning and night,please remember to add a pinch of potash. After two weeks discard it and come for Thanksgiving.

Please note that there are other effectiveness of Cida Acute leaves apart from arthritis ,it also very effective for liver diseases,fever,chest pains,indigestion,breast cancer and asthma ….drop comments if you have questions

for waist pains alone you can boil pineapple leaves with water or pap water and drink half cup morning and night for 2 weeks and see salvation