Herbal Remedy For Hepatitis B

carica papaya root

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver. The virus is transmitted by contact with the blood or during sexual intercourse. Indeed, the only secretions or body fluids that allow the virus to be transmitted are blood, sperm, vaginal secretions, saliva and wound fluids. For transmission to take place, it is therefore necessary that one of these fluids in the patient should pass into the blood of a healthy person.
Hepatitis B infection begins with a silent incubation period of about 2 months but up to 6. As with hepatitis A, after incubation, the acute phase of the disease Is asymptomatic in 90% of cases! For others, the signs that appear can be anorexia, liver pain, nausea and jaundice (jaundice). This can last for more than a month.

unripe papaya



1.An unripe papaya (pawpaw)
2.Root of Carica papaya (female papaya in French)
3.Fresh leaves of Carica papaya (female papaya in French)
4.A little root of Moringa oleifera
5.Fresh leaves of Moringa oleifera
6.4 lemons to cut in half,
7.Rocines de Cocos nucifera (coconut roots in English.

Place everything in the pot, the leaves in the last position, add water and boil all over the fire

coconut rroots

How To Use

Drink a glass 2 to 3 times a day. Add the water each time and boil it all once a day. One month of treatment and will repeat the test to see