What Every Person who wants to slim down Ought To Know About Losing Weight

Hello good day im Mariam Jonathan,im an herbal practitioner i deal mainly on infections ,you can visit my website on www.mjherbals.biz, from my years of experience some of my clients ask for weight loss remedy , but i could not help them because there was somethings we werent getting right,but before i continue let me tell you my own experience of being obase,i know exactly what it like to be fat, like seriously it sometimes embarrassing and makes you look urgly at times, i was very okey and sexy before i got married around 3 years ago, but not ontill after my first child, i became fat with big stomach, all my sexy cloth dosnt fit anymore so i had to sew new cloths , so after some years i gave birth to my second child, oboy come and see how my stomach looked like?? i drank different things, drank hot gin mixed with alligator paper and also with lime, my dear nothing worked, it just reduced my stomach a little…. but the fat is still there, if i carry 1 step, my stomach will shake twice like a balloon filled with water, …

But that wasnt the main problem, the main thing is that my husband started detaching from me, i no longer look sexy to him anymore, his kinda care towards me reduced, no much love any more, he normally buys me cloth before but now no more gifts, it was so painful , but the worse part is that he started looking out , soon i found out he had a sexy side chick, i was disheartened , so i know i cant leave my marriage because if i do who will marry me with this kinda shape?? so i decided to work strongly on my self,i played dump to my husbands affairs …..

I tried ajumbeise no much improvements, i tried many thiings , wasted lots of money for almost a year nothing, i even tried Jiming and skipping meals, still nothing was working, i was about giving up , before a friend of mine charted me up , she sent me a video of transformations from fat to slim and sexy, so i was like, babes i have tried all this things , all of them are scams trying to fill their pockets biko, leave me, and she was like out of all those scams, there will always be a real deal, nothing bad in trying , after all watching this video is free,…

So i watched this video for about 20 mins and i was like waoo,this video contains 28 day body transformation program with Nigerian Diet, it gave me hope so started the programme , trust me within 1 week i was surprised , my husband just woke up and said , dear you are looking good today o , and i was like thank you,

If you are interested in this video i talked about, i will drop the link to the video of the 28 day body transformation programe below this article at the end.

So as i was saying , i continued this program , very easy to follow, no Jim no jogging no nothing, and surprisingly it going smoothly, so my husband traveled that week,and i continued my diet, at the end of 28 days , come and see me o, my stomach flat , amr fat gone, body fat has flown away, like seriously , i started wearing my sexy cloths from before and posted some pictures on Facebook, after 10mins my husband called and said dear, how did you do that?,it made you rely slim, and i said which photo shop?? that is me , and he was like it a lie, i said im serious, in two days time my husband came back, and when he saw me i got a warm huge and he was happy, he started becoming more caring than when we first met, anyways to cut the long story shot, i was able to get rid of my body fat and at the same time i got my husbands attention back…

Truth About losing weight

  • losing weight is not easy,like seriously because it not all about burning fat or eating a few calories,do you know that pepsi contains 150 calories?? and some of us can drink it for africa, some drink more than 1 a day, like me i normally drink more than 1 a day then, even the pounded yam and soup or Eba and soup contains about 1500 calories? and we eat this all the time, as a woman you shouldnt take more than 2500 calories a day, taking more than this daily will lead to excess fat in the body, and can cause you more health damages apart from making you look obase, it can cause
  • Diabetes
  • liver diseases if not properly taken care of
  • HBP because this fat could form around your heart which can make the hear struggle to pump blood around
  • Hepatitis type 2 and many more

Why We Aint Getting The Result We Want

There are some kind of mistakes we make while trying to lose weight, i also made that mistakes before, this mistakes includes..

  • Dieting Too Long instead of losing weight you become weak
  • Skipping Meals, skiping means wont make you lose weight if you originally have fat in your body before you got married or true child birth, some people may not eat regulaly due to lack of money but you will still see them fat, so you skipping means will not work well but you may end up having ulcer
  • Thinking low fat or fat free food leads to fewer calories
  • using slimming Bet and still taking lots of calories without even knowing it
  • there are many more mistakes we make that if i keep typing them we wont leave here today because i found out about this mistakes and many others from the 28days transformation program im about to share with you, you will still find out that the food you avoid the most because you think it will give you more fat is actually the food you need to take that will help you moderate the number of calories you have in your body…

Anyways without further Delay,take action now and be that sexy lady or woman you have always wanted to be in just 28 days with Nigerian diet .,no jogging no yoga just a few exercise around your bed room,…click on the link below to gain access to it now……. dont let any man shakara you again

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