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How To Treat Tube Blockage Naturally At Home

bitter melon What You Need Includes…. Bitter cucumber or wild gourd. Local name : Bara or Egusi melon Scientific Name: Citrullus Colocynthis, Fermented Corn Water also called Pap water ,yoruba name for it is omidun TREATMENT To treat infection, Ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tube, black and smelly menstruation, ceased menstruation. How To Prepare1.Wash and cut the Bara (Citrullus […]

Facts About Staphylococcus Infection

staph areus Most health problems many people face today is basically staphylococcus infection,both in males and females,and this has caused lots of damages to mankind especially to men,damaging their organs and their ability to impregnate a woman(low sperm count) . anyways let leave the story telling and get down to the point,i will briefly explain […]

Herbal Remedy For Hepatitis B

carica papaya root Hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver. The virus is transmitted by contact with the blood or during sexual intercourse. Indeed, the only secretions or body fluids that allow the virus to be transmitted are blood, sperm, vaginal secretions, saliva and wound fluids. For transmission to take place, it […]

Permanent Solution To Arthritis And Waist Pains

cida acute leaves Arthritis is a very common ailment disturbing both men and women today,including body or waist pains,many has tried looking for solutions to it but no way. but not to worry a natural way to get rid of this problem has been discovered .straight to the point….. on how to prepare what to […]

Five Health Benefit Of Eating Beetroots

Beetroots When it comes to a healthy routine, going natural is the surest way. There’s no short cut in achieving that natural glow that everyone is looking for. With that said, let’s explore some of the benefits of drinking beetroot juice. Well beetroot is a sweet root vegetable that most people either love or hate. […]

Home Remedy For Ulcer

Good day every one,ill be totally brief with this one,cause not all of us likes stories,.This remedy im about to disclose works perfectly well for ulcer patients.but before then let me briefly explain what ulcer is and how it occures,cause i do get lots of questions from my patients like, What is my own definition […]

Home Remedy For Rheumatism

INGREDIENTS:4 wonderful Kola, 4 ginger, 5 bitter Kolas,1 bud of Alligator pepper, little African Pepper (Uziza, Iyere),Dry scent/basil leaf. PREPARATION:Pound all these items together and pour into local gin or schnapps or any gin of your preference to soak for 3 days. PRESERVATION:Store in a cool dry place. DOSAGE:1. Take 2 tablespoonful in the morning and another in […]

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally.

Most of us get our stretch marks after child birth , especially around the stomach , while some just comes naturally, but no one likes it cause it disfigures the skin and causes body odour for others , to cut the long story short , here is how to prepare a remedy to cure it. […]

Mixture To Help A Woman Conceive Without Stress

For women trying to conceive, Banana recipe is the answer, try this and thank me later. I saw this somewhere with a lot of testimonies from already pregnant ladies. Blend two pieces of banana, one cup or tin of liquid milk, two raw egg(native eggs is advisable) and one teaspoon of bicarbonate soda. Blend well […]

A Leaf That Cures HBP And Other Sickness

FICUS ASPERIFOLIAEnglish name – Sand paper treeIgbo name- asesa,Yoruba name – Ewe IpinHausa- baureCONTAINS: Tannins.MEDICINAL VALUES:1. HYPERTENSION: Squeeze the fresh leaves in water (like bitter leaf). Drink a glassful thrice a day. best way to extract juice is to blend with blender and extract juice by filtering with net filter.            […]