Quick Ejaculation Formula

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This is a 100% Natural product which permanently cures premature ejaculation and enriches semen,it helps corrects a mans sexual capability,in terms of delaying ejaculation,it helps a man last at least 20 to 25 mins ,and also thickens a watery semen,it turns out to be a permanent remedy that is if the person using it is infection free…

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Our herbal for quick ejaculation helps corrects a mans sexual capability in terms of delaying ejaculation during intercourse for up to 30mins or more ,in other words it extends ur time limit on bed,2 mins or 5mins sex will become history,it also boost lib ido and enriches the semen,the solution is a permanent remedy as long as u are infection free and not into smooking

5 reviews for Quick Ejaculation Formula

  1. Alozie

    I need one bottle of Quick Ejaculation medicine

    • Mariam Jonathan

      Kindly add it to your cart, and place your order sir,it will be delivered to you sir

  2. Mr EKpeyong

    The premature ejaculation seem to continue for several days and I was so discouraged,after a few days we decided to try second round,surprisingly it almost lasted for ever,now we are enjoying our activities very well,thanks

  3. Purity

    Good morning madam,the result of the weak erection and long ejaculation came out this morning,first class and all As, 1hour and he was still ready to ride on,he called me with joy and smiles from his voice ,the first time he had such an experience

  4. Promise

    MJ I thank you o,you herbs increase my sexual performance from 2mins to 28mins,may God bless you

  5. Pepper

    This herb works wonders for me cos I used it and it revert the quick ejaculation now I last longer than expected. Thanks mj

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